Product Design
Our industrial and product design division takes a novel and design-centric approach in assisting businesses and organization innovate and create iconic products for their specific markets.
A well designed product empowers businesses with brand differentiation and brand recognition.
Our straightforward design motto has become mandatory in all of our works:
" It must look good. It must look like what is supposed to be."

Multifaceted Design
Design should exist in all and every aspect of the product, right from the very first line on the drawing board to casting the final screw on the product. It should exists from the first day, not only at the end.

We provide a comprehensive design consultation that encompass every angle, every facet and finally every minute detail to make sure that the product comes out exactly like how it is conceived to look and does what it is supposed to do.

Furniture Contract Manufacturing
LOMO is a division of Munkii that focuses on contract manufacturing for furniture and interior. With our vast network of partnering factories and plants in Vietnam, PRC and across Asia, we have been delivering quality products to our international clientele.
Our clients choose us because we are extremely fussy people and we don't sleep well without ironing out all aspects of finer details and finer details are usually what set apart a good product and a great one.
Over the years we have developed many important partnership with such overseas manufacturers and with a team of committed and dedicated people, vast experience in production and manufacturing, we ensure that your commissioned project reaches your market right, on time and according to plan.